Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Bunny Begins

I am starting another new bunny for a delightful customer, and this one is going to be GORGEOUS, folks! I will document the process as I move through it, so you can enjoy this little creature as it comes to life. This should take me 3-4 days, so we will have updates right along. So, this bunny is going to be a floppy eared baby, with light camel and lovely white fur. My first step is gathering all my materials. Here is everything we need except a little pink and a little black fiber - along with the bunny that will be the older cousin.

Here is a close up view of the fiber that will be the base body of our little wild forest hare....this is 100% down wool.

The next picture shows the fiber that will be hand carded to make a lovely blend of camel colors for a warm coat. This is 100% New Zealand Corridale wool.

And here is our beautiful white Corridale wool that will be on our bunny's face and belly - and that, my friends, is the felting needle that will make all the magic happen.

And now here we go, beginning the body. I am using a multi-needle tool here to quickly build the dense body. I am working with the down wool here, and using a foam pillow in my lap to protect myself from needle sticks. :):)

More to come soon - I am ------- off to create!

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