Monday, February 2, 2009

omg! ucb!

Kah-Luka Kitty on one of her many royal perches

Background - It has really been about 17 years that we have had Luka. After Karla found her behind the restaurant where she was working and brought her to us, she was a very shy and aloof kitten. Of course, who can blame her with two big dogs and two other grown cats and two young children running around the house. But over the years, Luka has found her way and her place, and now she is truely the undisputed Queen of the house. She has two beds in the living room (not to mention the sofa and chairs), she has two beds in the office, she takes the dog beds for her own whenever she wants. She even has a bed under the desk in the spare bedroom, where she sleeps sometimes as she listens to the parakeets chatter. And she sleeps, truly, where she will. She has water dishes in the kitchen, in both bathrooms, and in the office - always filled with the freshest water. She has a water dish out back on the patio. She has multiple baskets with cat toys hither and thither. Mr. Bryant thinks she is spoiled. I just think she is royalty.

The incident - Last night when I heard cries of omg! ucb! coming from the bedroom. I rushed in to see what was going on. Mr. Bryant was pointing at the top of the bed and carrying on as I came through the door. Here is what I saw -

After I stopped laughing we grabbed the camera and got these shots. Then I dumped out the water and got a new glass for myself. But I must say.

omg. unacceptable cat behavior? I think not. After all, we are talking about the Queen here.

I guess I need to start putting a lid on my bedside cup.

Beautiful Royal Luka, a Maine Coon Mix. 17 Years Old, Jan 2009.


Jean Levert Hood said...

I love this story!! I can so relate, having two Owners Of The World myself! Have a great day, Kimberly

thewildhare said...

Perfect Title, Jean. Simply PERFECT. :)


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