Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where I play

Every day in yoga they encourage us to make space to play. They are talking about space to play in our minds and bodies and spirits - and I guess I am too. So....this is the library/studio in my house. I love this space, where there is a place for ALMOST everything. I think it needs more light to be even more functional, but it is so nice to have a crafting space separate from the rest of the house! I used to do all my crafting on the dining room table. Now THAT was interesting. I would rush through complete projects in a few days, to be able to clean up the space. The dining room had some advantages - I was close to all the goings on in the house and could talk to folks and help out the kids, etc - however; having a dedicated space is incredible.

Now, I have a space of my own, where I can get multiple projects working at one time and really enjoy my creative space. Umm….I THINK that’s a good thing….. I generally have my supplies half way organized – unless I am in the middle of a scrapbook. I will share those pictures with you soon, as I am going to finish my daughter’s Paris scrapbook before the end of March. In the mean time, I also have to admit that I also have a computer room/office. It is a bit messier (imagine!), but I spend lots of time working with the machines. I am fortunate to have two good printers and a great scanner, and that certainly makes some of my play more productive!

With Etsy as my new play place too, I tend to have lots of efforts in progress or at least ideas in my head. It is wonderful to know so many creative people all around the world that are inspiring and encouraging each other to be creative and love the hand-made life. And, I must say, my dear husband is really sweet to let me take over multiple rooms for my play - of course, he DOES have a three car garage out back that he uses for HIS play.

I hope you all have a wonderful place to play and create - whether it is your dining room table or a corner in your bed room or a large spacious studio. The wonderful thing abour creativity is that it is in each of our hands - not bound by our physical spaces.

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