Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sick in body and spirit

It has been a rough several days, but I think I am getting beyond it all.

Regarding the body - I have been sick - is it the flu? Sinus infection? General malaise? Complicated by the fact that SOMEHOW (and I can't figure out how), I hurt my neck and left arm while at yoga. Are you kidding me? :( The doctor says - no more yoga for a while. But I want to go! (Imagine that.) Egad.

Regarding the spirit - I don't have enough time, and I have all the time in the world, all at the SAME time. I am leaving a job that has been part of who I am for the last ten years. A job that made me proud, that made me feel full of worth and contribution in the corporate space. A job where I made friends and was given wonderful opportunities. A job that really provided what my family needed as well. (Nice, huh?)

Ideally, at this point, if I was leaving that job, I would be leaving the corporate workplace all together. How I envy all of you lucky folks that are doing your hearts desire every day! I am working in a very focused way to move my life in that direction - and I must say, it's about time!

Instead, I am going to another corporate job. I will have great opportunities and challenges, I am sure - but this time I will be home instead of on the road. And this time I will be focused on where I want this life to go - instead of thinking that the job itself is an end. And just thinking about things THAT WAY makes me smile.

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