Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crochet One, Knit Two

Mrs. and Mr. Hanson, Fall 2008

Mrs. Hanson (of "Mr. and Mrs. Hanson take a cruise" fame) has really enjoyed working with her hands since she retired from the corporate world. She learned to crochet, as her mother had also done, and then she went on to learn the fine knit work that gives her such delight. She inspired me to begin to crochet, and then knit, and now I have gone on to felting and spinning - and I am hoping that mom will be able to use some of my yarns, soon.

As the years have gone on, though, mom is beginning to be plagued by severe arthritis. First she had pain in her fingers, and then in her wrists. She has been taking pain medications, applying heat, and doctoring. There is no cure for this kind of arthritis, so now she is learning to live with the pain. But she is not slowing down much on her crafting. And her work is getting better and better all the time.

Mother's Hands

It is wonderful to have the fabulous work she makes with her precious hands, and we all hold these as heirlooms. We have wraps and sweaters and blankets and even wonderful dish cloths. She has made baby sweaters and gifts and gorgeous ponchos and scarves. Last fall she made a fantastic wrap for Rose – look at the detail work (and happy birthday, Rose!).

Rose's Hand-Made Wrap

And her most recent and very much loved and appreciated work was a “leftover yarn” afghan for ADR. ADR immediately wrapped himself up in the afghan, and wore it like a regal robe after one of our family dinners. He made the mistake of getting up to get a drink, and Mr. Asa took the opportunity!

Asa, all cozied up

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