Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Theme - Recycle and Reuse - Mr. Bryant's Project Overview, Part 2

As we discussed last Thursday, Mr. Bryant is hard at work and play rebuilding an old pickup truck. He has taken it apart so that it barely resembles the lovely looking old truck we remember from last week.

Taking the truck apart

Last week he answered the first three questions I asked him about his project. This week I get some more clarification and the answers to a few more questions – before he gets back to his work.

As you think of the whole large project, what will take you the most time?

There are two major pieces—the mechanical (going, turning, stopping) and the cosmetic (bodywork, glass, creature-comforts, paint). I am splitting those apart and addressing the mechanical first, putting it on the road and driving it, then addressing the cosmetic. The cosmetic part will probably take more time.

the cab looks so....little!

What will be the most expensive?

Expense is measured in time and parts. Probably the bodywork and paint will be the most expensive, and the majority of that will be time.

and here is the bed

Of the mechanical part, the most expensive part will be either the front suspension or the engine and transmission.

What resources are you using for reference?

et cetera

How long do you expect the total project to take? (yes, I am especially interested in this!)

the sad looking skeleton of the truck

The mechanical build out will probably take another 1-3 years, all depending on if I work on it every day or just now and then. The cosmetic part a little longer. So it will really be “done done” in 3 to 6 years.

Well, now that we know we have some time to hang around and take our time,Mr. Bryant provided some additional information regarding the creative process that serves as a foundation for the entire project.

*From a design perspective, I have arrived at a vehicle that looks like an old work truck, but drives like a modern vehicle, with modern dependability. It will not look like a “hot rod truck” or .

Nor will it look like a “pretty restored truck”

More updates as the project progresses through critical milestones and Mr. Bryant continues to learn more about reuse, recycling, and old truck restoration.

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Derrick Trucks said...

I enjoyed seeing a classic truck being completely restored,although the truck looked like it was not in that bad of condition for its age to begin with. Best wishes on the project...

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