Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The cute little notepads and the torture of yogurt

On Etsy the BBEST team has a weekly forum conversation that is very lively and interesting. The forum posts sometimes come fast and furious, and if you have been away for a few hours you might have 20 pages to catch up. There are listings, sharing conversation, treasuries, and more. And catching up requires attention - and often, note taking.
So today I made a couple little notepads for catch up notes. I made them from recycled paper and some fabric tape, along with binding glue and some stamps for color. They are my first attempt at this kind of item. I think when I get better at making them I may actually do some for sale in my shop. Especially since I have found a recycled paper source!
I was pretty tickled with these note pads, and was just settling in to a little bit of "on line" time, to update my shop and talk to my friends and catch up when I got the call. "Hi Little Yogi, are you ready to go?" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmpf.

Every day, lately, my daughter calls to see if I am going to yoga class with her. The classes are "all levels," which means that we are all welcome - but they are definately classes with a strong Power Yoga basis. This is not the kind of yoga I used to do years ago, and though I can see the benefits for this strength based approach, it is hard. Not to mention the fact that I am not as young as I used to be. (Ya Think?) Are they good for me? ABSOLUTELY! Do I plan to continue going? ABSOLUTELY. Am I delighted that my daughter wants me to go too? ABSOLUTELY.

Does that make it easier to go? Not a bit.
But what a sweetie. Ug. Really. Who can say no to that?
So here are some pictures of going to "yogurt" class, as Regie calls it. Amanda has the big grin. I don't think I will include the before picture of me as I am not grinning quite as sincerely.

Amanda, here to pick me up. And then....here we are, at the entrance to the torture chamber. And then, down down down into the dungeon.

Leaving it all behind, really. It is about 98 degrees in the class room. Ok, maybe 96. It takes me some time to get used to the heat - and then, we move. And sweat. And make the clothes and towels and mat completely wet. I used to take a water bottle. Now, I take a WATER BOTTLE, and still it all gets gone.

An hour goes by. And then, we are Done! DONE DONE! I can hardly walk and every time, seriously, I need to sit for about 20 minutes. I know I am getting better and stronger, but wow, am I tried.

Now I can see the fountain that I always miss on the way in. Now I can go home where Regie has dinner waiting for us both.
Now, I can have another glass of water - and then a glass of wine. :)


ZudaGay said...

Darling notepads!!! Oh my but I need to go yogi with you!!! Too bad I don't live near by. Good for you for keeping it up!!!

Sue B said...

I love the notepads! Where did you find lined unbound paper? I've been searching for a source to use in my journals. Those notepads are really great, you should get yourself a zutter so you can ring bind them.


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