Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Working on Paris

I have had a few sick days (long story, necessitating a break from yoga, dang it), and during that time I have been crafting a bit lazily, when I crafted at all. I am working to get my daughter's scrapbook completed from her Paris vacation. Here are a few of the layouts from that trip. She is a fabulous photographer, and her Matt, who went with her, is an incredible photographer. These pictures are from their great talent. All I did was cut and paste - my one great claim to fame!

In any case, once this scrapbook is complete (10 more pages), then I can really dig in to the next project on my list - scrapbook pages for the INSPIRED creative event that is being held in Concord NC in April. Of course, in addition to Mother's Day and Easter, and Fourth of July, and fabulous challenges (oh yes, I need to get the PEBBLES put together), and so forth. Never a shortage of ideas or inspirations. I so wish I could simply craft all day. I wonder - would I get bored?????


Sue B said...

these pages are very cool! I love seeing your creative space in the previous post. It's always fun to see where people create.

thewildhare said...

Sue, I agree, some of the mos interesting posts I get to read are related to where and how people create!


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