Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another quick synopsis

Ok. So.

Amanda said yes, then no, then yes, then no to Seoul.

The making of this decision was incredibly difficult, and she honestly worked to do appropriate due diligence to every consideration. WOW, what a time.

I took a work trip to Las Vegas and got shook up by still being the new girl. I am working hard on an "I know everything" countenance.

My mother-in-law is still in the nursing home, and every visit depresses him. I am going to go up on Monday and spend the day with her, to hopefully be a bit of help.

My sister's father-in-law was hospitalized, and is going to take lots of care when he is released.

The power went out last night JUST as it was getting dark, and stayed out for 6 hours. No evening work was completed.

Today I am going to see Bruce and that will take all afternoon.

I have so many ideas for my ETSY site that I am going to BURST if I don't get to work on them soon! I am thinking about what I can take on vacation with me, to make progress all week.

My first layout in the new Photoshop Class is below. I plan to do layouts for my Boston trip and will post here for all to see.

It rained a full inch yesterday. We lost two trees so far, but it looks like the others are ok for now.


butterflypearl05 said...

Wow love the photoshop page! It looks really good.

AltheaP said...

I always wished that my children had "pause" buttons somewhere on their little bodies. Life is just so full, it's hard to process everything!


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