Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, this new job is supposed to be better, because I am home more in the evenings. And that is TRUE.

But July is busy busy, and I don't seem to have time or energy to - garden. brainstorm opportunities for ds. find out how to get the paintings available for the crawl. do yoga. socialize. create. breathe.

Why not?
Working late on presentations. Thinking about executive interaction. Carefully considering politics over email. Trying to "add value" in the economic climate of the day. Having a high degree of concern and angst over mother-in-laws and more injuries. Wishing that I was not living in SUCH a community (and so, fretting, and fretting that I am fretting). Buying condos and the like with mom and dad. Trying to drive physical fitness. Taking time away from rlb if I come up to the studio at all, and that only at 10PM or later.


Everyone wants something and I need some me time.

So, help is not on the way and I think I will put my mind to figuring it out.
Make the list of "things to do" that are WANT TOs instead of HAVE TOs. And do. One. A Day? A Week? Whatever works. Find time to create.

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