Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fiber Fascination - Part One

Well, I think the long slow pull to the dark side has begun. Maybe it has been going on for quite some time. Maybe I am only just noticing it. Maybe I am evolving - but it feels a little bit like DE-volving - as I fall back millions of years and tentatively touch the astounding connection with our ancestors through fiber. How did this happen? And, What Exactly IS happening?

Well, I love paper, and have always been an avid reader. I love to hold the paper in my hands. I love to read from paper leaved books. I am crazy about quality papers, interesting fonts, and various binding techniques. I love the texture, and I love the look of wonderful book covers and interesting paper elements - almost as much as I love the words on the pages. Together, these things transport me to new places and wonderings. So first, I read.

The texture of paper is oh, so fine. And paper holds the fabric of our lives, in stories, pictures, and fabulous books and scrapbook pages. Being a part of creating and documenting and sharing my story and the stories of my loved ones and friends is such an honor and a humbling practice. It seems fundamental to my very soul, sharing, creating, loving the art. So second, I scrapbooked.

My tactile enjoyment expanded as my dear grandmother crocheted fabulous quilts for me and for my children while they were young - and we still snuggle up under these covers now. I never learned to crochet while she was alive, but after she passed away I found her hooks and supplies. I picked up a hook and taught myself from a book, and found my next love of fiber in the yarns I used to make creations. Soft yarns, boucles, wool blends, feather yarns, silks - I found myself in a heaven of fiber. Loving every minute of it! I told everyone that I thought I could be happy if all I ever had to do was scrapbook and crochet. I built up a reasonably decent fiber stash of fabulous yarns. I smiled alot. So you see, third, I crocheted.

This was a very happy time for me, loving everything I touched and making wonderful gifts. Hats are one of my favorite crocheted items, they make up quickly. Alpaca fibers are my favorite to crochet with - they feel better to touch and work than any other fiber in my hand. Finding these things out was a fabulous exploration, where I worked with fibers of many types - silks and wools, mohair and angora, cotton and alpaca. I crocheted dishcloths and mittens, scarves and more hats. I hit a plateau here, before I slid further into the depths. Fiber wasn't done with me yet.

Next.....Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth....where will it end?

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