Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, I am so behind...

I do have stories to share with you, and will get back to updating this week. As my first update, let me tell you about a really fabulous giveaway from Jen at Indie Fixx. My DiL blogged about this on her blog ( and I am borrowing some of the content for this post from her. She explains that it is really super easy to enter this contest, and super easy to WIN! She goes further to talk about some of the great suppliers of the prizes - she has researched all of them - and provides links to her favorites. Seriously, this is one you want to win. Great goodies, supplies, bags, jewelry, journals, prints, WOW.

So, from Stephanie's blog, here is the list of prizes (and there are TWO prize packs in this contest!):

The Prizes:
Prize #1 (value $389) is made of the following goodies:
1. Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns.
2. Print from The Happygirl Shop
3. Necklace from Starving Artist Bazaar
4. Soap from Feto Soap
5. Necklace from Karalee Designs
6. Bag from Becky OH!
7. Journal from Ex Libris Anymous
8. Goodies from Mau Studio
9. Wall Vinyls from studiojk
10. Shea Butter Sugar Scrub from Bidwell Botanicals
11. Print from Berkley Illustration
12. Goodies from Sprout Studio
13. Lace Knitting to Go (by Andrea Tung), Home Sewn (Kaari Meng) & “Little Notes” card set (by Susie Ghahremani) all from Chronicle Books

Prize #2 (value $386) is made up of the following goodies:
1. Print from The Happygirl Shop
2. Earrings from Kutuu
3. Soap from Boh Bon Soap Co.
4. Bag from Faite Designs
5. Journal from Ex Libris Anymous
6. Goodies from Mau Studio
7. Bag from IMOOI
8. Baby tee & cards from Goh Girl
9. Print from Berkley Illustration
10. Goodies from Sprout Studio
11. Shea Butter Sugar Scrub from Bidwell Botanicals
12. Scarflette from Marketta New York
13. Little Stitches for Little Ones (Amy Butler), Picture Perfect Knits (by Laura Birek), Sublime Stitching Craft Pad (by Jenny Hart) all from Chronicle Books

So go to Indie Fixx or to to read more and to enter. Good Luck to Win!!!!

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