Friday, January 2, 2009

On the eighth day of Christmas....

I thought I should catch you all up! :)

A quick summary -

The race to be PREPARED was finally over on Christmas Eve. Everything was baked, cleaned, wrapped, and shined. We kept silent hearts as our blue advent brought forth the dazzling white of Christmas. We had a leisurely day. Mr. and Mrs. Hanson brought an incredible Christmas Brunch. Mr. Bryant made incredible Christmas Dinner. Mr. and Mrs. McFadden arrived along with Ms. Rentschler to join the festivities. Everything got JUMPING when Mr. Rentschler and Ms. Speers came over, along with ADR and JPR. We had a merry day full of surprises and family time, and really loved being together.

We rested quite a bit on days 2 - 7 of the season, visiting with each other, exchanging "day of Christmas" presents, eating (egad), and continuing the celebration. Daddy's snow village was incredible, and so was the performance uptown where Ms. Rentschler exceeded our expectations as an aerial artist while she was dreadfully SICK. She is such a professional; nothing can keep her from performing. As she tells me - the performer isn't sick.

Check these out -

Incredible. Beautiful, Ama.
Flying in the sky.

Love you (all!) much of a muchness.

More to come. Holding titles for upcoming entries -

Where is the Brown Bunny?
Snow Village
Fiber Fascination 3
Learning 2 Spin
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant's Anniversary


Mrsfatface said...

Wow....she is incredible. I hate that we missed it!

thewildhare said...

It was fabulous! Glad some of the pictures came out. Next time!


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