Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009

With Valentine's Day on a Saturday, Mr. Bryant and I spent much of the day apart. He went off to Lenior to visit his momma and to help build a "deer house" on the "old home place" for his daddy. They had quite the adventure, driving the old truck up a steep mountain road, getting it stuck and needing to winch it out to turn it around (which took about an hour), digging and leveling the ground for the house, unloading and carrying all the wood and supplies from the truck to the location, building the foundation, floor, and sides, and finally packing up and getting back to the Bryant house before the sun set. Then there was the dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken with daddy before the 2 hour drive home. GOODNESS.

I, on the other hand, had a nice quiet day, doing a few small loads of laundry and spinning up some copper wool. I rested much with a sore throat, drank tea, and caught up on my TIVO'd TV shows (Battlestar Gallactica, Burn Notice, the Mentalist, you know...). Nice, huh!

By the evening we were both tired - me with my sore throat and coughing, Mr. Bryant from his truly exhausting work out. So, early to bed. But not before some cards, flowers, and candy all around! :)

My Roses

Mr Bryant shares roses every Valentine's Day with never a forget. And as with every year that we are together, we are growing closer. We have learned to work hard on our relationship, and are so blessed to also reap the rewards of that work.

Indeed sir, after all these years, I am deeply smitten, still.
I love you darling.

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