Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Very Rare Surprise Visits

Handsome Dad and Beautiful Mom!

Mom and Dad are home from the birthday cruise. Yes, you heard right. The dashing and handsome Mr. Hanson gave the beautiful Mrs. Hanson a CRUISE for her birthday! What a great gift, and what fun what fun! They left the Sunday before her birthday for San Juan and were gone for a week. They had a super time. We picked them up at the airport on Monday evening and they were happy, smiling, and exhausted. We visited a little bit and then they started the last leg of their journey up the highway to home.

In our family, we always try to call before coming by, or make plans with each other so we can get some visiting time. Momma had mentioned that she was coming in to town on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment, but I simply didn't register the day. So today, when I was on a conference call and I heard Gizzy barking and the doorbell ringing, I thought it was a delivery. I didn't respond. The doorbell rang a second time, and I still didn't go look. Working, working.

Then I got a text on my phone. It said - R U Home? MOMMA! I went to the front door and there she was, sitting on the bench in the sun, waiting for me. It was great to see her, although we only had a moment for a quick hug as I had to get back to work - and she was on her way to the hairdresser and out to a Tai food lunch. Yum!

With that forshadowing I should have been ready. Later in the afternoon (while on another conference call), there was an odd noise downstairs. Again, I ignored it - but Gizmo barked and carried on.

the Guard Dog

So finally, phone at my ear, I went downstairs and saw this! As I opened up the door I got a big hug and a "Grammie!"

Is anybody home?

I thought - where are your mom and dad - and before I could say anything Asa went to the front door and I saw THIS!

Is ANYBODY home?

Hello pretty little Jaya Pearl girl! Hello wonderful ADR! It was so nice to see the kids, and I asked them to hang out for 15 minutes while I finished my call. They were washing their hands after ADR's doctor visit. When I got off the phone I helped them find some snacks (pumpkin seeds, grapes, and....crackerjack!) and drinks and we played a game of dominos and smiled at each other lots. Then we made plans for a family dinner on Friday, this time with Mr. Bryant and sweet momma Stephanie included - and I just want to say --- HOORAY! Lovin that sweet family of mine!

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