Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Theme - Remembering

Kimberly's Flowers

Five years ago this month, Mr. Bryant and I eloped.

Five years ago TODAY I was thinking about our upcoming vacation, how much fun we were going to have, and how excited I was to see my favorite cousin Michael after a year! I couldn't wait for Sonoma and San Francisco, and for the Pelican Inn and Muir Woods.

I hadn't yet experienced any of the nervousness, fear, concern, and euphoria related to the wedding. But I remember it all - the trip, the fun, the surprise, the fear, the drinking, the flowers that I could only keep for a single day, and the wedding. I remember afterwards too, when momma was mad and we were in Hawaii. I remember coming home and wondering what we had done.

I remember how different every day was, and how wonderful every day has become.

I miss you Michael, and think it must be time to plan another California vacation!

Two handsome men I love

And, while we are remembering....

remember that fabulous Give Away from earlier this week? With the great necklace from mrsfatface? Well, the comments were wonderful and I loved reading all about your favorite items from her shop! Many thanks to every entry. has provided us with a winner - comment number 5, left by RACHEL!

Congratulations Rachel, we will be reaching out to you so we can send you the necklace.

Thanks everyone for entering, more giveaways coming!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You can email me by hitting the 'contact me' button on (I'm hesitant to leave it here for the spammers to read). I know I'll wear the necklace proudly.

And it was wonderful to read your love story. I'm getting married in a few months, and love stories make me go all mushy inside :)

Jean Levert Hood said...

wonderful story, and congrats to Rachel!


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