Friday, April 17, 2009

Mr. McFadden Has a Birthday

Lots of family folk mean lots of birthday's - and there is certainly nothing wrong with that! We took a trip to the mountains to visit with our dear ones and celebrate Mr. McFadden's big day. We had a super time visiting and talking with everyone, and really enjoyed the day -- and LOVED the deck. We had a pretty good chuckle when Mrs. McFadden told the dogs that they could come in if they went around to the new back door - and immediately, Georgia came round and was let in the house.

The other male dogs? They just kept hanging out at the front door, looking in through the screen, wondering how that girl dog got in the house!

We took a ride to Mr. McFadden's home in the mountains, and had a fabulous tour. We definitely need to come and check that place out again, especially when the apple trees are blooming!

And then we came home for the presents and cake! Look at all this loot - and yes, friends, that is the infamous Birthday Box on top of the pile. We have been exchanging that box in the family for more than 20 years!

Mr. McFadden loved his "road toad" outfit for the motorcycle as well as his other fun gifts.

And everyone loved the cakes (yes, plural) that we dug into afterward.

Love and hugs to you, dear McFaddens. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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