Friday, June 5, 2009

How deep are those post holes?

Mr. Bryant is making great progress on the fence. Every post hole is being dug by hand, and he is regularly running into some interesting obstacles. Rocks, pipes, cables buried in unexpected (and unmarked!) places. But he is persevering, and ADR has been helping him, and I can tell that each one of the fence posts is solid and will hold the fence and every bit of climbing flower that I can plant, with no problem.

So seriously, he tells me that the fence posts are three feet deep, and I understand that intellectually. I even understand what that means when looking at a yard stick (duh!). But I just didn't get the real picture, even though I was looking, until he gave me a little demonstration

Mr. Bryant beside the newly dug post hole.
Note the post hole diggers.

Mr. Bryant beside the newly dug post hole, shot two.
Note the post hole diggers.

I do love this man.

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