Friday, June 19, 2009

So Karl Rove said....

"The public is in no mood for drastic changes in current coverage."

He made this statement in a looonnnngggg editorial to the Wall Street Journal that was published on Thursday, June 18, 2009, titled "The GOP Can Stop ObamaCare."

Is this true? Seriously? Are we truly not in the mood for drastic changes in current coverage?

I would like to have better dental care. I would like for better coverage for physical therapy. I would like our medications to be at a reasonable cost - and I would like to be able to get "generic" or "non-generic" without paying bajillions at the pharmacy. I would like to have a lower co-pay. I would like eating and diet disorders to have better coverage - and not the surgery, thank you - but the doctor supervised diet and healthy life style plan. I would like to have better coverage at the Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Maybe its just me. I mean, tell me. I am very interested in providing affordable health care to families, children, young people, our elderly, self-employed people. I am confused, since we have been avoiding health care reform for lo these many years, taking the approach that if we just don't think about it, it will go away. And what - do we think it is just going to happen with no changes, with no sacrifices, with continued high profits for drug companies, medical providers?

Mr. Rove describes that Republicans are coming up with plans that:

- "leave in place the tax deduction companies received for providing health
insurance and create a 'Medi-Choice' tax rebate for individuals and families to
spend on health insurance"
- "pass reforms that reduce costly 'junk'
lawsuits" (who gets to decide if it is junk, or a lawsuit brought as a result of
negligence, I wonder?)
- "allow families to save money tax-free for a wide
range of health-care expenses"
- "create a National health-insurance market
that would allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines"

I honestly believe that these are good ideas. But I remain skeptical - are these enough? Sure, they are a low cost option to making a few changes. But will these things transform health care? Will they make medications more affordable? Will they reduce the cost of Emergency Room visits? Will they make access to expensive and necessary treatments more widely available? Will they provide better coverage?

They seem like tiny steps, a wave of an idea at the thought of health care. Karl Rove calls them "sensible reforms."

And, the nicely coined "ObamaCare" is a misdirection - a label aimed to drive blame at our current president. President Obama has asked Congress to develop the health care plans and bring them to the floor for debate. Is ANY work being done across party lines, I wonder???? Is ANYONE taking the issue seriously - or are we all still working on different sides of the isle with no regard for reality and for the American people???

What do you think? I really want to know.

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