Monday, June 29, 2009

The Tenth Picture

So this was really a fun "tag", and I hope you give it a try. It reminded me of going through these old boxes of photos (you recall me mentioning it to you? Amanda's project?) and finding such wonderful photographic treasures that we had forgotten about.

The Details:

I was tagged by mrsfatface to choose the first folder of pictures that I came to, and then to chose the 10th picture in that folder. The next step was to post and share a little story about that picture. So I went to my external hard drive to the ALL PICTURES HERE folder, and the first folder there was 2005. Inside were more folders, so I chose the first folder THERE, and then the 10th picture.

What I found:

I found my grandson, Mr ADR, at his kindergarten graduation! The celebration really was fun, but Asa was rather sober as he stood in front of the many assembled dignitaries to receive his diploma. I am sure that he was thinking about the grave responsibilities of first grade and all the many things he had to learn, coming up in his life. Or maybe he was just thinking - get me off this stage so I can get a cookie!

I love this picture, and in fact, I love the whole series of pictures we took that day. Asa looks so young compared to now, at 10. He has grown so much, grown so tall, grown so smart, grown so funny! I feel the need for a scrapbook page coming on.

We were not able to make our grand-daughter's kindergarten graduation this year, so I will have to get some photos from her momman and do a page or two for her as well, so I can capture the moment and remember it, even without a blog challenge. In anticipation of that, take a look at this shot of her, in 2005, at the above referenced event. What a doll!

And what FUN this challenge has been!

What's Next?

I have five people to tag, so here we go:

1. Janine at
2. Ama at
3. Joon at
4. Chrissie at
5. Pam at


Nilla said...

Really cute photos!! I have something for you in my blog, so go and check it out! Hugs Nilla

Maggie said...

Delightful. Thank you.


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