Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rough month - and wonderful grands

It was a rough month, July was. So many shocks, so many unexpected issues. It took my breath away many times. Yet, through the rough waters, there were the absolute delights of my grands. He and she lit up my life on many occasions, and reminded me of the joy that was always there to grab hold of. On the hottest of hot days, when it was easy to be distraught and overwhelmed with everything, including the heat, these two gave me the gift of easy smiles.

Another blazing hot day. We were inside thinking about oh, so many things. And then Asa said he needed more exercise, but how ever was he going to get it with all this heat???? Even Gizmo was too hot to move.

(Of course, not the brightest puppy you ever did see, as he laid down right in the sun.... I understand that Border Collies are the smartest dogs. Anyone know anything about how a Pekingese stacks up?)

Veteran's Park to the rescue, with running under the sunshield in the water - what ever could be better???

Asa checks out the field of play.

Jaya gets things started up!

And the playing begins!

Hello Pretty!

Jumping through the spray

Come On!

Let's go!

Our wonderful boy

Happy and wet, ready for home.

I am grateful to my family, my children, and my lovely grandchildren, for the delight that they bring to my life every moment. Every day I pray for more patience and a more open heart, so that I can enjoy them more fully.

Thanks so much, loves.


Jillianmackowiak said...

It looks like they had a wonderful time! I'd love to be able to jump in that water right's SOOO muggy here!

Jillian :)

Nilla said...

I am sorry for you lost but glad to see some cheerful pictures! I just realized I forgot to send you a postcard from Sweden, next time!! Hugs Nilla

Chrissie said...

They look adorable - and THEY are lucky to have YOU too! Best wishes for a more 'peace-full' August.

Celeste Maia said...

Fantastic photos, they look like they were having the best time, such great smiles! Didn't you feel like jumping right in with them?
I hope that August is an easier month for you and that the temperatures go down.

Maggie said...



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