Sunday, September 6, 2009

A break during which life happened - back with the new news - a NEW CAR for ROSE!

The last two weeks were an unexpected blogging hiatus, and I will update you all with all the happenings and news going forward. But first, this breaking news ----

On Friday, I looked out the window in between conference calls and - what's this? ANOTHER car in the driveway???

The surprising red car in the driveway, ready to be checked out by Mr. Bryant.

I guess ARR was tired of driving that old Toyota Wagon. I can't imagine why - it chugged along for years. Maybe it was the fact that three windows won't roll down. Maybe it was the fact that every fill up of gas also meant a fill up of oil. Maybe it was because the door handle wouldn't work right. Maybe it was the lack of a CD player and a decent radio. Maybe it was too long on the road. Maybe she was just ready for a change. But after all, she had been saving for years - so it makes sense that she felt good about finally having enough money and enough determination to purchase her own ride outright. No payments, just the car. Excellent!

A little tiny engine hood in a cute little car!

Ama reading the owner's manual.

And what a fun, cute, little tiny car! This bright red YARIS is Ama's pirate car, her "Jolly Roger!" She did the research, test drove a new one, found a great deal (hooray Craig's List!), had Mr. Bryant look it over thoroughly, and finally made the buy! It is the perfect size for her lifestyle, and the great gas mileage makes her ok even though it isn't a hybrid. It is no small thing to work through all the research, get all the paperwork done, make a large purchase decision, and be delighted to have something of your very own.



Chrissie said...

woohoo! happy motoring!

NancyB said...

Nice wheels! And, nice to see you back, was worried.

Celeste Maia said...

Wonderful to have you back! And wow, what a great looking red car, just the right size. Anyone would be happy driving it.

joon said...

Sweet! Scout loves the Yaris commercials. :)


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