Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Long Days, Short Nights

It seems like Monday through Friday are such Loooonnnnnggg days. Work takes so much focus, and I am exhausted by the time I get to sit down and think about doing anything creative - writing, crafting, drawing. But if I make time, I find that I am renewed. Excited and delighted by the act of creating.

And so tonight, as I planned a creation, I received two gifts.

First, I searched through photographs for inspiration. And I found this picture that just made me grin. In the original photograph, the entire family is standing outside in the sun at the beach. It is the day we are headed home, and everyone is looking hot, bothered, a bit grumpy. The sun is in the adults' eyes, and they are squinting. There are a few smiles in the group, but not many. And then, when I looked close, I saw my beautiful little grand daughter, looking like an angel, looking right at me, at the camera, looking so sweet that I could hardly believe I caught the pose.

What a wonderful smile my grandchildren can bring to my face!

As I completed the page, I received my second gift. I was completely and totally delighted that I had created something. Something to treasure, a little bit of our story, a little bit of the legacy of our life.

And so I bring to you the inspiring admonition to create beauty daily. If not us, who?

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Nilla said...

Absolute beautiful! So lovely colors, so soft and a wonderful picture! Well done! HUgs Nilla


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