Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween and Purple Rain

We woke up this morning to a grey spooky very Halloween like day. Not to hot, not too cool, a little rain misting, clouds everywhere. I walked around the house to capture some of the purple rain and see what might be seen as we came to the end of the summer. Would there be color anywhere? Or only the grey of a spooky day?

I have a picture full post to update you all on what I found, just here, just around. First, the house has lots of color in it - look, for example, at the "haint blue" porch ceiling! How about those freshly stained shingles? We are looking pretty snazzy, right?

Truly, I love the grey-green along with a fabulous Philadelphia Cream and that wonderful Purple Rain accent. In fact, the grey day seems like purple rain is falling - and it is all around the house, too! And look here - a fab ORANGE pumpkin, thanks to that loving Mr. Bryant.

Then, the old old philodendron, in the Purple Rain pot that was a happy accident - thank you ADR!

Around the side by the "natural area," some lovely color coming into the trees - and the bushes. Look at that spooky fog!

And then, much to my surprise as I came around the corner, I saw a yellow rose, hiding in the garden.

That got me started looking for more treasures as I moved down the garden path.

Wonderful greens and browns made the garden look rich, even with the foggy grey day.

Tiny white flowers with beautiful fern-y leaves.

Wisps of burgundy foliage and pink flowers.

Delicate light green leaves with bright tiny reds.

Then another hidden rose, this one a beautiful perfect pink. What a wonderful reason to smile, as the flowers gather for us in the fall!

And then, around the side, down the narrow path to see if anything spooky might be found here...

But instead, more lovely blossoms waiting to be admired!

Lovely everywhere, spooky day, fabulous Halloween wishes to you all!


Maggie said...

Oh delightful, delightful. Purple, pink, and happy spatters indeed. Lovely philodendron.....30 some years old?

Maggie said...

Yes, I just have to put up with it all as a volunteer for the Cancer Society. When I asked about Thanksgiving things, I was told not to make a special collection. Christmas starts the 5th of this month at the store, but at our house it begins after the end of finals. lol I was always so glad to be done with school for a while, as one of those returning college students, that the minute school was out, I started decorating the tree. I've gotten more conservative over the years....I think.

Yes, when I was a kid, the tree went up on the 24th, and mother took it down on the 6th. Poof. I longed to have everything last longer, but mother was in a hurry to get the fuss overwith.

Chauncey said...

Look at you, all pretty in purple. Lovely.


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