Saturday, October 3, 2009

Remembering August

It has been non-stop busy around here since August. August was beach and multiple birthdays and back to school. September was getting into the routine and picking back up of work urgency, school urgency, and busy life - plus more birthdays. And tree house building. And yard work. And fence work. And somewhere in there, came WEDDING PLANNING! And now, it is already October and the wedding is here today (October 2) and I still find my pictures are a throw back to August. And we need to go there. Together.

I heard a radio piece reflecting on August. Years ago when I was young, school didn't start until after labor day. There was no football or basketball or baseball in August yet, no school or work deadlines to consider. The rush of vacation in June was over, and the holiday and picnics of July were past, and there was nothing at all to do. Just the long hot days of summer to be lazy in, to enjoy, to rest up and get ready for September's cooler rush.

The announcer lamented these lazy days of August, talking about how we have filled them up. With sports ending and starting, with practices and preparations, with school beginning in mid-month. He mentioned how very much we needed a whole month of nothing - and how we spent the whole year trying to compensate.

I do agree, August was a fine month of rest. I miss that long lazy rest that seemed to catapult us into the business and focus of fall. In this lovely month, Amanda, and Aaron, and Jay R., and Gregg all came into being. What an auspicious month of the year is August, dear ones! I love having the opportunity to remember how rich I am with all these wonderful family loves in my life - even if I don't get to catch my breath.

And so, with August warm in our hearts we planned multiple celebrations. First vacation and ARR. Lovely crab legs for family dinner and then the next night more - the traditional go out for Japanese. We laughed and ate and drank and laughed more, and thoroughly loved each other.

Then home and school shopping and birthday shopping and party planning - plans for a dinner out and the family bowling!!! Now this is sounding pretty good, yes? As the plans came together, we decided to gather at our house, have presents, and then head off to dinner and bowling.

Two days before the event, a knock at the door - MICHAEL 'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful surprise, what an excellent treat for those birthday guys, what fun to have a visit from our most favorite cousin/uncle/nephew/dear friend. Michael flew from CA to PA, then rented a car and drove down for the party. We were so excited! We spent the day before the party catching up, drinking great drinks, eating great food, relaxing and enjoying ourselves. Listening to music. Remembering our youth. Re-capturing some of those fun lazy days of August.

And then the party was a great opportunity for us all to get together. Seriously fun. Presents were excellent, cake was a smash. Bowling was a BLAST, we definitely plan to have that kind of fun family date again. We did agree that everyone should have bumpers in the gutters until we go a little more frequently! We laughed lots, and then went for dinner and ice cream and again, had nothing but fun and excellent conversation.

Indeed, a fabulous time was had by all, and the birthday event was one that we will remember for quite a long time. My only regret? I forgot the camera!!!!

Love you JRH, ADR, ARR, GC, Michael, and oh, all of y'all. My favorite people! You know who you are!

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Maggie said...

Someone took pictures, and thanks to them we have glimpses of this wonderful occasion. Thank you.


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