Thursday, October 8, 2009

September's Tree House - A Month in Pictures

One Handsome Treehouse Building Man!

The guys have been going big guns on the treehouse, as you can see from yesterday's photo. They are in a rush to get the roof completed and the siding done. At that point, Mr. Bryant says that they can relax and move forward at a bit less urgent rate, because all the critical wood will be protected from the weather.

So they have been working at least one full day each weekend, sometimes more. Mr. Bryant is happy to have both ADR and Mr. Duke to help, because every hand makes things go faster at this point. Even Jaya Pearl has been managing the nail inventory, while Pinky runs around and gets in the way.

We were invited to Helen Georgia for Ocktoberfest, but it looks like getting the roof on the treehouse has priority. So there will be new pictures soon, just as soon as we can keep things dry up there.

In the mean time, here is the progress from the beginning of September, each week seeing us get a little closer to the finished state!

The team converses on next step design

A few site seers enjoy the treehouse "porch"

Mr. Bryant cutting for the roof.

We have a roof frame!

The loft is getting built, and the roof.

Looking down from up above.

The view from the treehouse front porch.


Maggie said...

I'm just sitting here grinning at this.

gloria said...

ooooo...wish I had one! That will be such fun!


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