Thursday, November 12, 2009

TreeHouse Saturday

That amazing Mr. Bryant (a.k.a. SuperDad) did indeed wake everyone up on Saturday morning with "A dozen assorted and a Vanilla Chi." The kids woke up and pointed at all the colorful doughnuts, reserving them with "I got dibs on that one!"

Once breakfast was well underway, Super and ADR went on a mission to get the treehouse roof completed before the coming hurricane waters would give us a deluge. And so it went, that they worked all day.

You can still see the sky through the roof as they begin. Jaya helps as only she can, by making sure everything is appropriately labeled.

And the work to cut, measure, and fit the roof all around the tree continues.

As they get more of the roof closed in, the loft takes on a cozy tone. Look how cool the loft windows look!

One last picture, one last look up the tree before the roof is on and we can't get this view anymore anymore.

It was getting dark but with the magic of a camera stand (the porch railing) and a long opened shutter, you can see the tin everywhere - and a finished tree house roof.

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Maggie said...

I'm charmed by this tree house. Will you be working up there too? What perfect solitude.

Did I answer your question? I think not. The bookcase was a battered old, four shelf case that used to be broken down and used as a packing crate by my grandma. Grandpa was a College Professor, that's how grandma put it, and she says they moved often. By the time I met it, the shelves were filled with books. Later, when grandma was forced to move in with mother, mother cut one shelf off. From 66 to 1997, it was one of my primary bookcases. Since we moved in here, it lived in the garage.

Oh, the downfall of this poor bookcase. :)


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