Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Winter Vacation - Post One - Two days at Sea

The Princess Ship leaves first out of the port at Fort Lauderdale.

The smokestack of the Costa Fortuna.

We went on a cruise with some of the family in early February. It was a bittersweet first few days for me, but being at sea was perfect and exactly what I needed. Nothing to do, no requirements to meet, no connectivity to the world at large - just Mr. Bryant and the ship, food and family, sun and water. Perfect.

Another ship on the ocean, going our way!

The ship was decorated in an Old World style, lots of wood and Art Deco paintings.

Mr. Bryant in the elevator lobby, Deck Five.

We met up with the family at the welcome aboard lunch (Karla found us all), and were super happy to see each other.

Hello dear family all! Mrs. McFadden, Mrs. Costabile, Mr. McFadden, Mr. Costabile, Mr. Bryant, Mr. Hanson, Mrs. Hanson. The gangs all here!

Good morning Mr. and Mrs. McFadden!

We explored the ship those first few days, enjoying the sun, the slight wind, the warming temperatures, and the relaxed days at sea.

Deck three and a blue ocean and sky.

I slept alot, in the room and on the deck, and enjoyed the "drink of the day" each afternoon. We walked and explored the ship at our leisure, and Mr. Bryant made an appointment in the Spa for a haircut with Giovanni, who gave him the "best haircut ever!" I had a good thick book and lots of time to relax in the sun, and I think it was truly what I needed, good for my soul. I started smiling.
I wasn't the only one with a grin!

Dinners were early, but we really enjoyed the time to connect with everyone and catch up on the day - despite the fact that we were all relaxing, we had some fun and interesting stories to share.

Mrs. and Mr. Hanson, looking dapper.


On board the good ship Costa Fortuna the itinerary was really nice, and though we were not a big fan of the dishes and the early dinner time, we definitely had fun! The entertainment was the best I have seen on a cruise line and those first two days we went to the shows both evenings.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I desperately need a vacation. Well, that or for spring to hurry up and get here.

Welcome to SITS! We're happy to have you.


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