Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We are firmly in the midst of Lenten Season, and like many others, we started the season by choosing something to give up for the 40 days. We pondered and talked with others, considered - and then gave up beef and pork.

So of course, all I want is steak, hamburgers, and BBQ.

To help me through the days and the family dinner plannings, each time food comes to mind, I think about what we are doing and why.

The dictionary indicates that Lent is "The 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter observed by Christians as a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter." And there you have it. A time to consider our spiritual relationships, to get in touch with our deeper thoughts, a time to ponder and prepare for the Easter celebration.

The 40 days of Lent remind us of Jesus' 40 days of fasting and prayer in the wilderness as he prepared for his ministry; with Moses' 40 days of fasting and prayer on Mt. Sinai as he waited to receive the Law from God; and with Elijah's 40 days of fasting and prayer on his way to Mt. Horeb, the mountain of God.

And the Disciplines of Lent - repentance, fasting, prayer and works of love - help us all to remember what is truly important and give us the opportunity to reach out in love and expand our lives.

This falls neatly in line with my reading and working to practice civility - where I have much practice to do, dear friends - and so I march on, reminding myself every day that practice makes perfect and each day is a new opportunity to be civil and kind.

And so we are getting creative in our dinner plans and recipes (which I will be sharing soon), and giving ourselves time to meditate, and remembering to take the time to share with others through works of love.

Good fasting.


Kay Dennison said...

I stopped giving up stuff for Lent a few years ago. I do not eat meat on Wednesdays and Fridays but that's just tradition in my family. All it does is that I lose a few pounds and my skin looks better -- a good thing for Instead, when I eat something rich I put the amount of money it cost in my "rice bowl" for the missions.

Anonymous said...


Maggie said...

I like my friend Sister Margaret's take on lent. She gives instead of giving up. I figure Sister Margaret has the best direct line I know, so now I too try to give.

Mimi said...

I'm just stopping by from SITS to say hello & welcome!


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