Monday, May 3, 2010

The path that ADR built

Mr. Bryant's Wisteria out front

The fence is nearly done around the side of the house, but I have waiting for flower beds to plant my poor potted plants. With the coming of spring and many wonderful things blooming, the side of the house has been looking a bit sad.

Mr. Bryant and ADR met and had a confab around what to do, and talked about how we could re-use the stones from former paths to make something wonderful. Our "final" design has a path and lights - and maybe even a water feature - but right now the big Camellia plant looks like it is almost right in the middle of the space. So they decided that the first step needed to be the path - to see if things would fit and to define the rest of the design.

ADR got started with the slate and stones we had, and dug a path back by the patio. Before we knew it we had to head to the store for more stone - and before I knew it, look what I had!

The path runs right by the fence, with plenty of flower bed room by the house.

The path approaching the wisteria - and where there will soon be a gate.

Coming around the corner into the front garden

Curving around the roses and wisteria

What a lovely curving garden path from my sweet ones! A perfect Mother's Day gift, I must say! :)

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