Monday, May 31, 2010

Settling In

The first night and day were pretty interesting, with new kittens in the house. They haven't decided to like each other yet, although they have both decided that it is ok to stalk and growl at the dog.

The good news is that as far as Gizmo is concerned, the cats just don't exist. Mr. Bryant thinks that it is because his eyesight isn't the best ("He just can't see them!") but I think it is because he is just that laid back. In any case, Gizmo still believes every cat bed in the house was put there for him.

Aislinn Grace has made it clear to our little boy that she is the Queen of Everything She Surveys, and he has been quite accommodating to this point. She wasted no time at all exploring everything she could get to, and took off us the stairs as fast as she could. Once at the top, she cried and cried until I called her name, and then she popped her head through the railings to let me know she was listening.

So far, they both have had super fun mornings with lots of playtime. Their schedule is really not bad, although they are getting me up at 5:00 AM for breakfast. Once they get moving, though, I feel like we need to hire a cat playtime assistant to keep them both racing around and using up their energy!

They will likely have a blast when they decide to play with each other, but at this point the closest they have gotten is to play with two ends of a cat toy.

Not only is our boy significantly larger than our little girl, but their personalities are really different, with Gracie being very outgoing with a super loud purr - and a super loud growl for her step-brother when he tries to get her toys! Our little/big boy is amazingly sweet, a bit reserved, and a tiny bit skittish with new sounds, but he is coming around swimmingly. He is so beautiful that the pictures don't really do him justice just yet, and at 5.6 pounds he is going to be a SERIOUS cat as he grows.

And yes, they both love the cat trees!


Linda said...

I want some. No, no, I don't need some.

They are so beautiful and have such beautiful faces. Enjoy them while they are kittens. All too quick they will become lazy adult cats.

Jean Levert Hood said...

they are just gorgeous!!! Little Miss Queen of Everything She Surveys had amazing coloring. They are both toooo precious! My 2 love to play with each other and sleep on top of each other. I'm so glad they're like that.

Maggie said...

So glad they arrived and are adapting. One forgets what kittens do to a life when they wake. Lovely pictures. :)


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