Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Tree House - Spring 2010!

Do you remember where we left the treehouse, last November? We left it open to the elements, to the rain, the snow, the winds. Though it was something to climb on and climb in, there was obviously more work to do.

Well look at the progress now! Some of the siding has been added, a slide platform has been built, a slide installed, some railings have been erected, and more!

The kids all love the swing that runs from the hill down towards the tree house.

The slide platform was a bit tricky to engineer and install, but it is working great now. In fact, the daredevils have already been down the slide backwards, even though it isn't finished yet!

The door for the treehouse has been completed, although it has not yet been hung. It gives a little bit of an elvish look to the front entry.

Inside, the ladder to the loft is complete and installed - and despite the crazy tilt, it is easy to climb and very sturdy!

The view from the back loft is out into the tree. The front loft windows haven't been cut out yet, but they will give a view into the back yard and the deck.

Mr. Bryant and ADR are working faithfully every weekend - at least one day - to get things progressing. From the house, things are looking pretty nice. More work to do, siding, railing, windows, trim, hanging the door, some inside finishing and painting - but wow, this house is already fun for EVERYONE to play with!

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Tabor said...

I am jealous...wish I had one in mhy back yard. You are so fortunate to have such skilled labor. Nothing like that in my house.


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