Saturday, June 5, 2010

Camera Down........Pergola Up

My wonderful perfect favorite camera in the whole world is broken. This is a pretty significant set back. I love this camera and am praying that all it requires is a quick fix, a minor adjustment. Ama will take it in on Monday for me, and I will keep my fingers crossed until then. Seems a surprise to me that it bothers me so much. I have become interested in maintaining a documentation of this life, of the moments and days that bring memories and smiles. I don't want to have an unexpected glitch.

But pictures from last week are still available, when, on Saturday morning Mr. Bryant asked me what kind of arch I wanted over the new garden gate. He drew a few ideas, we got out a few reference books, and by dinner time, look what we had?

I love this, it sets the tone for all the other gate pergolas, and should work perfectly with the large one we plan to build out back. Thanks Sweetie!!


Tabor said...


Linda said...

Wow, what a husband!

Maggie said...

Wow that's wonderful. You will love the results. I too mourn your camera. I broke mine just a month ago, and I was very grateful that it was repairable. Yes, I agree, you cannot live life any more without the wonderful camera.

Darling kitties in the glass too. :)


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