Monday, June 21, 2010

Kittens named at last. . . .

We searched the internet, stories, and baby name books for ideas. We held naming contests. We researched ancestral Maine Coon names, and looked through lineage documents. We looked through the history of our personal heroes and the history of our country. And yet, we couldn't seem to find the perfect names that would work as both registered names for our kittens, as well as everyday "we call him/her" names.

And so we started writing poems about them as they scampered around, cuddling the unwilling dog, thundering through the house playing catch, climbing up the cat trees and knocking over the hamper. We held brainstorming sessions as we watched their personalities develop, and at last, after much deliberation, we finally have names.

We are delighted to formally introduce to you our Gracie and Max.

Alopeke's Aislinn Grace (Gracie) and
Old West Coon's Spencer Coeur de la Lune Thunderpaws Maximum Blue (Max),
having an early evening nap before playing chase like mad.


Jean Levert Hood said...

They are already growing!! Love the pics! I think I took 100 pics of my girls when they were kitties!! Welcome Gracie and Max.

Cheryl said...

Lovely names indeed! Sweet little kittens.

Kay Dennison said...

Love the names and Gracie and Max are darling kitties~~~~


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