Friday, July 2, 2010

Gonna Try It

Riding every Sunday is quickly progressing to riding three times a week. Not fast, not far, but riding nonetheless.

And now we have made a commitment to ride in October in "Le Tour de Femme." The Cycle Shop "Grab My Wheel" in Cary NC is hosting this event - an annual woman's only cycling event, on Saturday October 9, 2010.

le Tour de Femme will allow female cyclists of all skill levels to participate in a ride of either 15 miles, 31.2 miles or 62.4 miles in length.

Amanda, Stephanie, and I are planning to give this a try. We aren't sure of our distance yet, although we initially planned 15 miles. Mr. Bryant bought me a new helmet. He says I am in training.


Tabor said...

Wow, I do like that helmet. 15 miles would be MORE than enough for me, I am afraid. Although today with this sore throat I can't quite get my mind around biking at all.

Linda said...

Wow, you are major ambitious. That's great, go for it! Love the helmet.


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