Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday Boys

Mr. Hanson and Mr. Rentschler, kicking back.

We took a Saturday to celebrate our wonderful birthday boys. It had been a really busy week and we had not had any time to buy groceries or make wonderful picnic foods, so we got up super early and made our grocery list. After running to Trader Joes and to the regular grocery store, we had to make salad, cake, and burgers, and pack everything up for the party.

As you might imagine, we were running late.

By the time we got the car packed, it looked like we were heading off for weeks. Good Grief.

We had drinks and paper goods (plates, cups, napkins), folding chairs, bathing suits and towels, wonderful turkey burgers and condiments (cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, fresh cut tomatoes), a yummy Asian Noodle Salad (recipe from the Pioneer Woman), and a Texas Sheet Cake. We were off to the lake at a good clip. When we arrived most of the family was already at the picnic site. We took three picnic tables to hold all of our wonderful goodies!

As we got things unpacked, we realized that three of us had brought different styles of salad with pasta! Good Grief! Each salad was yummy and different, but we had not expected that we would have a Tale of Three Pasta Salads to tell!

Mr. Bryant got the grill going and we chatted and munched on snacks as the food got ready.

Ryan took the kids down for a quick swim, and by the time they got back to the picnic area the food was ready.

Loaded Turkey Burgers, a family specialty

I can't smile, the sun is in my eyes!

ok, I'll try cause I love you.

Yum Cake!

Mr. McFadden and Mr. Bryant kicking back.

The lovely Mrs. McFadden and Mrs. Hanson

After yummy lunch and happy birthday singing, and the awarding of the gifts, Rosie and Ryan had to skip out to work. Mr. Hanson got a new Kindle and some books (among other things) and Mr. Rentschler got a new wheel barrow and the $$ to buy and Old Truck (among other things)!!!

We all shared more stories and laughed at most of them, and eventually Stephanie and I hung out with the kiddos at the lake for another cooling dip.

It's hot out here!

We had a blast! Thanks for the great excuse to have a picnic, gents. And Happy Happy Happy Birthday! We love you!

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Linda said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. From the pictures everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.


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