Friday, August 20, 2010

The Garden in the Heat of August

Mr. Bryant's garden was supposed to be mostly tomatoes - but that was before the pumpkin from last Halloween decided to sprout and take things over. Things are really beautiful in this hottest time of the year with all the garden colors.

The pumpkins vine is actually beginning to die from the heat, but the pumpkins have already grown nice, round, and orange. The colors in the garden run from yellow and orange through all shades of green and then to red.

There are accents of bright purple where the morning glories have wound their way through the other vines. Below you can see some of the delicious orange cherry tomatoes from Karla - they are so sweet it is unbelievable.

Mr. Bryant's crepe myrtle is still blooming its beautiful blooms. It gives us color and shade all summer.

And the lemon tree looks like it is going to provide an excellent crop this year, with enough lemons to maybe do a pitcher or two!

But it is the surprise of the pumpkins that has us most delighted. Finding them amidst the vines has been such fun, and the grands are really excited about carving them for Halloween - while Ama and ADR are mostly excited about the pumpkin seeds!

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Tabor said...

Ah, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin curry soup. I will be right over.


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