Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Fencing

Mr. Bryant and Mr. Rentschler are on to their next project. The list is getting longer every day, despite their determined focus.

Just to recap - one side of the yard fence is done. Paths around the side of the house to the front have been laid. A side flower bed has been built and planted. A gate and pergola have been designed, built, and installed. The tree-house is done and done [although we are still waiting on the tree-house-warming party for the final pictures].

And so, the rest of the fence is now due. Good timing, what with thieves about and all.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Bryant rented a big post drilling machine and he and Mr. Rentschler managed to dig all the posts for the new fence in one day. The machine was loud and super effective and the holes were both deep and wide. They ran into a few rocks and just stopped there, planning to get the rocks out by hand.

With the holes dug, they did some prep work on the posts, sanding the edges so that they had a nice bit of smooth rounding, and then they set them in the holes - where there were no rocks, of course. (HA!)

Take a look at the bones of this fence. We want our dogs to be able to see out, but we don't want anyone to get in or out except by the gate. Mr. Bryant wants the fence to help our property value over time. And he just can't do anything part way, either.

So we begin this project....

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