Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Patio Furniture - Really?

Doesn't that snow look nice in all this heat?

We bought our patio furniture the second summer we were in our house. It has been sitting outside in rain and sun, in heat and snow, all this time, just hanging out. We hung out on the patio furniture too. Lots. We ate there, shared many many drinks there, blew bubbles with the kids there, stayed up all night and talked there.

The back patio flooding in a major rain storm one fall.

The chairs were looking worn, I must admit. They had burn holes from the nights when we had the fire pit going. The paint on the metal was fading. And the umbrella over the table had been broken for many years. But it served us well and we were comfortable with it - why change things when they work?

Christmas 2008 - JP having an after present snack!

After our family game night at ADR and SRR's, we came home and the table and chairs were gone from the patio. It was 11:30 at night, and they had been there when we left (about 6:30 PM). Mr. Bryant was sure that someone had borrowed them. I sent a note out to our neighbors asking them to let me know, and we went to bed.

James and Karla take a break on Memorial Day.

The next morning, we were shocked to learn that no one had borrowed our furniture. Not our close friends, not our neighbors, not even people we thought might be a long shot. Good Grief. What would someone want with 7 year old patio furniture? And if you were going to take the table and chairs, why wouldn't you take the rocking chairs, the side tables, and the glider?

Pretty Karla closeup.

What is the matter with people, anyway?


Maggie said...

I am so very sorry. Nope, I have trouble believing someone would do this too. Gosh.....

Ianroniel Baluyut said...
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Ianroniel Baluyut said...

Well even though they are a 7 year old furniture, they can still make them like new, I think you must start building a fence or a wall to make your stuff secured, loosing those set are a big lost at all.

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