Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Thursday Thirteen - This Summer

This picture from Colleen's blog. My friend Tabor introduced me to the Thursday 13.

So here is the first. Consider, if you will:
1) We had a beach vacation. The family at the beach is a very good thing. Like always, the time is healing and empowering.
2) I had 13 hours in the car with my son and daughter. I don't know when I will have that much time with them again - or when they will have that much time with each other. Even with all the fussing, this was good time.
3) I heard stories of mom and daddy when they were young and growing up that I had not heard before. Amanda got to hear those stories and capture some of them.
4) I got to spend some time with Dennis before we lost him. He made me laugh, and I made him laugh, and he remembered that we loved him very much.
5) Dennis inspired me to pick up a pen and write. He had a wonderful collection of pens and loved handwriting, but I don't have a copy of anything in his hand. I am making sure my kids have things in my hand.
6) I got to see Gregg, and was reminded of how much I dearly love my cousin. I was also reminded of how different we are, and how very much I pray that our fundamental beliefs don't come between the family ties we share.
7) We had family dinners and walks all summer long, and the kids made us happy every single Monday. We took a short family bike ride that we all loved, and agreed to do it AGAIN!
8) Karla and James got a wonderful new house, and they are so happy and so are we. It is terrific!
9) I had a chance to take my daughter and daughter-in-law to Charleston (along with my grands) for a quick weekend, and it was WONDERFUL, just like they were.
10) I found kittens and they are filling my life with joy even more than I expected.
11) Losing weight is just as hard as I imagined - maybe even harder. It has given me more energy, but getting healthy is a commitment that is hard to maintain. Sure, a better diet is improving my stamina so I can keep riding this bike. And I am determined to keep going, to raise money for cancer research in honor of my cousin.
12) Despite being committed to ride, the heat has weighed us down. But I continue struggling. We are going to do this ride in October. Me, Steph, Ama, and maybe even mom. Or maybe just me. But it is going to happen, by George.
13) My 11 year old grandson made a fabulous fun family game right out of his imagination. He made us laugh, we made him laugh, we had a great family game night, and we hope that there are more such fun times in store. He said that he had 9,999 experience points (to my 1) because he was the CREATOR! .... and Mr. Bryant cracked us up with Barry.


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