Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday, 13 Things about the New Old Truck

1) We had been looking for months to find ADR his birthday truck, and finally just gave him the cash. In less than 5 days, he found the old truck of his dreams! The truck was in a small farming town north of where we live, and had never been out of the small community where ADR found it. Only two other people had ever owned the truck, and now, ADR gots it.

2) ADR Absolutely Loves It. Happy Birthday, baby! Super & I are so happy you are happy.

3) SRR Absolutely Loves It, and Loves that ADR Loves It. How totally fabulous!

4) It is a 1966 pick-up truck, and that is the same year Jay D was born. When Mrs. Hanson saw the pick up truck, the distinctive style brought back tons of memories of those days. The last time it was titled was in 1979, the year ADR was born.

5) GMC made the pick-up truck, and it has pretty darn much original stuff on it & in it. The Custom logo was a factory option (like a Limited) and therefore has a little bit of finishing and trim that are standard.

6) It is pretty fun to drive, and is a V-6 engine. Super nice and very cool.

7) The shifting is "3 on the tree," and ADR had to call someone for help before he could drive it home. :)

8) The pick up truck bed is a long bed, excellent for hauling all kinds of things. The long bed is made of wood, lined with a heavy rubber mat.

9) ADR got a 1966 license plate and will be licensed to run with that plate, a "Year of Manufacture" plate.

10) Pinky loves to ride with ADR, and lays down on the long front seat - because he can! In fact, everybody likes to ride in the pick-up truck.

11) Mr. Bryant and ADR hauled their first load in it this past weekend, and that is something!

12) People stop ADR when he is driving the pick-up truck - in the parking lots, in his driveway, they pull up beside him - all to tell him - "Man, I like your truck! Cool!"

13) And Ms. Jaya Pearl? She likes to climb in the bed.

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