Monday, April 18, 2011

Treats All Around!

When Mr. Bryant calls from the kitchen, it's cookie time.  It might be for a home-made biscuit, it might be for a prepackaged treat, it might be for a graham cracker, or it might be mini-marshmallows.  One can never be sure just what goodie Mr. Bryant may produce - and so you see in our house, no one takes any chances.  :)


Maggie said...

You forgot to label Mr. Bryant. :)

Kay Dennison said...

Way cool! They are darlings!!! My neighbor's dog, D.O.G., knows where I keep his treats and heads for the kitchen when I open the door. LOL He has lovely manners -- he shakes hands with me before I give him his treat!

nacodoches said...

I love it when the "kids" line up for food, treats, whatever we are eating. Lil Darlings. Dianne


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