Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Dogs

Two Hot Dogs :)

It is still spring here, and we have had a slew of beautiful days when the windows have been open and we have had a fabulous cross breeze through the house.  I treasure those days because it always seems like we have very few of them.  When we first moved to the south we lived in a 200 year old farmhouse.  The ceilings were 10 feet high in every room, and there were plenty of windows.  No air conditioning though.  We just had to get used to the heat and the humidity.  We purchased fans and put them in the windows, running them most of the day.  The evenings were always a delight as coolness came across the lake to blow soft breezes through the house.  When I would lay in bed I was reminded of growing up, and the sounds of the birds and insects at dusk when I would lay down by the window.  Somehow, our sheepdog managed to survive many of those hot hot summers.  The country seemed cooler then.

Jack Junior

We are already beyond that now, though.  The weeks went by so quickly - and the air conditioning is already a critical need.  The puppies have gone from delighted with the yard and never wanting to come in to really never wanting to be out - especially not in the middle of the day.  We are already past the long walks in the sunshine - they would rather wait until the end of the day or better yet, walk first thing in the morning.  They see a little bit sad about it - and it is early yet.  Mr. Bryant says he will buy them a swimming pool to soak in.

Max consoling Jack as he rests on the cool kitchen tiles


Anonymous said...

Heat. How well I remember it. I had the chicken pox in July 1953 in NC without air conditioning. I was pregnant in 1965 in Florida, once again without air conditioning. I will never live without it again, I hope. Dianne

Scatter said...

Hold on. Aren't these the two little puppies you got, what, last month? They are so gorgeous, and the picture with the cat is absolutely priceless!!

Tabor said...

Beautiful animals!

Maggie said...

I don't quiet think they are puppies any more. :)

RYN: Why thank you so very much for those kind words. :)


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