Monday, May 2, 2011

Jack and Bella

The puppies are 7 months and 6 months old now and still quite a handful.  They walk beautifully as a general rule, but it is really time for us to start advanced training.  We are planning our timeline.

Charlie and George come to play sometimes, and Bella and Jack absolutely love it.  The boys run around yelling and having the dogs chase them, and the puppies chase them sweetly.  George can tell Bella to sit and she sits right down.  There is lots of screeching in the yard while they are playing, and excitement as the boys run.  Little brother Henry runs around with a big grin throwing balls and the puppies chase them as well.  Excellent exercise and just what we need to help our big little puppies get quite tired out. 

This weekend we walked up to Thomas Street Tavern with them to have lunch.  We all like the walk and the visiting at the Tavern exposes the pups to lots of different things - noises and people, mostly.  It is about a six or seven block walk and we were all hot by the time we got there. We sat on the back patio in the shade and had drinks and lunch.  I had a Turkey Reuben and a Tanqueray and Tonic.  Mr. Bryant had the Tuna Melt and a Bloody Mary.  The puppies munched on french fries and chewed ice cubes from their collapsible water dish.  Bella was fascinated with the group playing corn hole - she wanted to chase the bags.  Jack Junior loved everybody, and if french fries were involved he was very attentive.  Before walking home we went to Common Market and got a Coke, a Pellegrino for the walk home - and Bella and Jack got two puppy treats from the treat jar on the bar.  When we got home they took naps in the shade.  Then, just for fun, we tried for a portrait.

They still have a hard time sitting still for a picture - mostly Jack - but we got one after a lots of very funny off-shots and many many many treats.  :)


joon said...

How sweet, Wild! Wow. Those are big babies you have. I cannot imagine! Our beagle and kitties all sleep with us and we are squished. These two need a suite all to themselves! They are so beautiful. Great photo. ox

Anonymous said...

They get more beautiful every day. The photos of the dogs and kids are great. Dianne

Freda said...

The dogs and the boys are gorgeous - what energy! And there is a sense of energy in your own posts too. Every Blessing/


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