Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day,2011

People say "Happy Memorial Day!"

I don't exactly understand what they mean.  We are certainly spending the day off work, but we are also spending the day with our memories.  This morning over coffee, Mr. Bryant and I talked about all those in our family that have been touched by war, and all our relatives who lost their lives defending our country, our honor, our principles, and our way of life.  Our list isn't dreadfully long, but the very idea that we have a list is sobering.

Then we talked about those in our community that have this same kind of list - our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues at work.  We talked about the ways that we support and honor those who defend our freedoms and who fight to make the world a better place.  We are overwhelmed by the gift, the sacrifice, the dedication, of our armed forces.

Our recollection then extends to all who have been loved and lost, and our list gets longer and our hearts get softer and more grateful for the life we have experienced, for the relationships we have been blessed to have, no matter how fleeting.

I wonder when we will find a way to move to civilized discourse and beyond - to a civilized way to always look to the greater good and resolve differences.

I don't have a lot of hope in this regard, as families can't even seem to find a way to speak with truth to each other, and carry on civil discussions when differences of opinion exist.

But I pray for all of us, and my prayers are grateful for the sacrifices of the men and women who protect our land.  I pray that their sacrifices are never in vain and are truly valued by all.

In loving memory of Dennis Baughman, October 16, 1947 - June 8, 2010.


Kay Dennison said...

Thank you for your insight! I agree with you!

Anonymous said...

A very nice memorial. Dianne


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