Tuesday, June 7, 2011

South 21 on a Saturday Night

Saturday Night Special!

Saturday, Mr. Bryant and I were both tired from working all day.  He had been working outside in the heat and so was dehydrated quite a bit.  I had been working inside cleaning the craft room and office.  Though we both made good progress, we were ENTIRELY too tired to cook.  Thinking about cooking made us both even tireder.

I walked out to the garage and Mr. Bryant was just putting up his tools from welding on the second gate (Lady Banks gate) when my cell phone rang.  I answered and while I was chatting away Mr. Bryant made the oddest motions.  He pointed at the puppies (both panting), pointed to the curb and the old toyota wagon, made a steering motion, and then acted like he was eating.  Lucky for me, married to him after all these years, I actually could interpret the story.

I wend into the kitchen, grabbed the dog leashes, and hung up the phone.  Outside the garage was all locked up and the puppies were both quite excited.  We leashed them for the short walk to the car and they both jumped right in to the back.  (I need to get a car with a low thresh-hold like that!  They can't jump into my car, and they are both too big to pick up.)

Ready to go, shut the door!

We had the radio on and the windows down and headed out the road, humming a little him.  Jack loved the window, sticking his head out and enjoying the breeze.  His tongue hung out the whole time, and everyone we passed waved at him.  Bella was a little more cautious with her head at the other window, just sniffing daintily at the passing air.  We drove through the neighborhood and then caught the highway for the minute drive to South 21 Drive In.

Comprehensive Menu
The South 21 has been around for a long long time.  It is one of those old drive in restaurants where you pull up to the speaker and order and the waiters bring the food to the car.  It is absolutely Southern Home Cooked junk food, and such a yummy occasional treat!  The food is delivered on brown plastic trays that remind me of the kind from the school lunch cafeteria, and is server on paper plates.  Black gentlemen in black slacks, red shirts, and black hats, bring out the orders, and they always looking very dapper. People even order take out at the South 21, gathering up boxes of delicious bar-b-que and fried chicken from the little cooking building to carry home.

We saw very interesting cars at the South 21 on Saturday - new convertibles, interesting modified trucks, unique restorations.  We, of course, arrived in the old toyota but we have the big attraction in the back.  :)

Got burgers?
We ordered and our food was delivered along with some great conversation and a few oohs and aahs about the puppies.  Bella and Jack got to have a french fry or two as an appetizer while their plain hamburgers cool on the dashboard.  We listened to the radio and talked with the servers as they passed by, and the puppies got to watch the people and enjoy a night out. 

Supper in the pick up truck makes for fun people watching!
Once we are done eating they each were rewarded with a plain burger to call their own - and of course, Jack ate his fast and Bella ate hers dainty, but there was absolutely not even a crumb left over.  It was dark by the time we got on the road for home, and we all enjoyed the cooler air and the quick ride.  We had more fun that trouble, and that is a pretty good measurement in my mind.  I have a feeling that we will be back.

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