Friday, January 13, 2012

From a distance

On our Thanksgiving walk Asa and Bella went out ahead.  Asa was learning to walk Bella with a "loose lead" and she has a nice fast gait.  I could hear him talking to her as they moved away from us and realized that his strides are much longer than a year ago.  Oh, they have grown!

Look at my Carabella Mia!  She is still a puppy in her heart, but I can already see the maturity in her eyes.  She thinks more and figures out things - how to take a treat from a ball, how to find the toy we just put up, how to walk with us so that she gets longer walks.  Her legs are longer and she is much much stronger.  She is turning into a beautiful girl!

And look at this tall young man, my grandson!  He was easily 3 or 4 inches shorter a year ago, still with a sweet little boy voice and a very wide open heart.  He is taller, and smarter, and more thoughtful, and more interesting in this last year.  He has opinions that are fun to explore, and interests that range far and wide.

He and Bella are waiting on us, looking forward to see what's coming down the road.  I see him walking into the future, a fantastic young man.  Grounded in the love of his family, certain of his own growing strength, confident in his ability to handle what he sees coming - but still making sure we are nearby, tracking with him, just in case.

He makes me very proud.


Mage said...

That is one of those magic, must-keep pictures. Thanks for sharing it with us. I posted grandson pictures today too.

Tabor said...

I can so identify with this all my grandchildren are still young. I see them grow before my eyes and see them becoming the interesting and joyous creatures they are! Makes life so worth living!

Anonymous said...

Your lovely post raises all kinds of feelings in me. Beautiful grandson and wonderful dog.

I really need to get myself out to San Diego to see my grandsons. The last time I talked to Jacob, the oldest boy age 12, I did not recognize his voice. Overnight he went from little boy who likes to read children's books to teenager who likes gift certificates so he can make his own choices which hopefully includes a book or two.



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