Saturday, March 15, 2008

First 10 Done!!!!

For the INSPIRED! event in April, I am doing some album swaps - for the first time ever. So, I am making 2 8X8 album pages, and 2 art journal pages for the swaps. And I need to create 10 copies of each page.

So, the first 1 (10) is done - and I am so delighted! Here are the relevent photos:

Now off to dinner and then to make some ACEOs for the ETSY shop!


joonbeam said...

I wish I could work at night, wild. I just don't have that kind of energy. Plus, my work room is just not set up well enough. That's great you can still create in the evenings. Love your book pages!

Eloise said...

....oooohhh...i didn't know you had a blog my sweet Kimberly!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy now:))))) see? BIG smile:)))

Kisses sweetheart xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jean Levert Hood said...

Hare, I love how these are coming along! Thanks for showing your work in progress, I await the final!

Sue B said...

great page! love those polka dots!

thewildhare said...

Well Joon, I ended up sleeping instead of creating, so hopefully the early morning will get me going! Thanks for taking a look!

thewildhare said...

Eloise, you and all the other inspiring ETSY artists gave me the courage to give this a try! HUGS to you and, as always, ADORE your work!

thewildhare said...

Jean, you are such and inspiration. Love your blog and your art. I appreciate you taking a look at mine!

thewildhare said...

SueB - I hope the foot is coming along. I think about you every day and am amazed at the energy you have with all the fabulous classes you are creating!


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