Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rough Day - and some rings

Today, I worked on multiple craft items - let's see. I think I had 6 things going at a time. I am trying to cram everything into the weekend, since I don't yet have this "working at a workplace" job figured out. Last week, all week long I wanted to work on crafting. And all week long I either had errands to run after work or was simply too tired.

So, yesterday and today I have been working up a storm. And today, three of my creations turned out to be lessons rather than great finished products.

Now, I know that is really good. And I know that to be a better artist I need to always keep learning. But I would not be true if I didn't share that I am dissapointed. Shoot.

So, I will try again later - these three designs are important to me. They have been in my mind for a week now, and need to become a reality. They are pushing me to make them real, to make them something that can be held in my hand and seen with my two eyes - not just in my mind.

But now, I am taking a break and getting caught up on the photoshop class that I have fallen behind in - egad.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my first play attempt at working with rings. :) I created the ring, the border around the ring, the picture frame, and the layout. This picture is from my mother and father's 50th wedding anniversary party. Matt, Asa (with a cow on his head), Amanda, and Miss Jaya - who hurt her finger. You can see the boxes on the table made by etsy artisan favormakers (

This class is phenomenal, and for anyone who wants to learn photoshop or photoshop elements, this is a great way to learn the product - not just for digital scrapbooking, but for anything at all. There is a series of classes, but I am currently in the first one - "Up and Running with Photoshop." Go check it out, it is worth the time. And in fact, the first day I learned so many time saving features that I believe it was worth the price after that single lesson!

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