Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Monday Feature - Judy Nolan Original Designs

I have decided to put a little rigor in my postings, and so each Monday I will feather a shop that does great work. For this Easter Monday First Feature, I chose JNORIGINALS. You can visit this shop at
The proprietor of the shop is July Nolan. In her profile on ETSY, she shares her love of color, texture, and pattern. And in her Shop on ETSY Judy shares the results of playing with crochet, sewing, and embroidery. She has developed many unique creations, and is having fun with the fabulous "Rebecca Bag" - a perfect little bag to pop in your purse and keep all those little items that fall to the bottom easily on hand.

Her other great gifts include gorgeous coasters and these unique "Java Jackets" for all those fast coffee lovers - you know who you are!

Judy started her hand-crafted work as many of us do - because she loved to give hand-worked gifts to family and friends. With the support and encouragement of those friends and her family, Judy got the ETSY shop going in November of last year (2007).

Judy's blog is listed to the right, and also linked here - She is also a member of BBEST on ETSY. So, stop in to her ETSY shop - and let her know that you got a wildhare to take a look! :)

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ZudaGay said...

Lovely feature on Judy!!! I love Judy's work!!!


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